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VisionShape is a wholly owned Division of Peripheral Dynamics Inc. We design optical scanner software and software toolkits for production document imaging, for forms processing, and for developers of document imaging or capture solutions. VisionShape products include high performance page and check scanners, industry leading barcode reading, image manipulation, character recognition and OMR. We also have browser-based image viewing software with OCR, PDF and e-mail features.

VisionShape has been in business for nearly 20 years and is located in Orange County, California. Our International Sales Office is in Belgium. Our parent company, Peripheral Dynamics Inc., is located just outside of Philadelphia, PA. Peripheral Dynamics is part of the Indel family of companies.

Scanning Interface Cards Autoscan High Speed Document Image Capture Software

We specialize in providing a wide breadth of product at very competitive prices. Our business consists of four main areas which can be supplemented with specialized image related integration:-

Image Management Tools & Specialized Recognition Image Scanning, Management, Improvement & Specialized Recognition Tools (VisionX SDK)
High Speed Document Image Capture Software High Speed Document Image Capture Software (AutoScan)
Browser Based Viewing and Image Management Browser Based Viewing and Image Management (Tiffsurfer)
ISIS Fujitsu compatible scanners Desktop Check Scanning Solutions

Tools (VisionX) consist of a series of DLL's and .net compliant routines designed to allow integrators to quickly build document image acquisition systems for selected vertical markets. VisionX includes routines to: scan images, prepare images for effective recognition; use barcode, OMR, OCR or ICR recognition; adjust images and add bates stamping; compress and decompress images in popular formats including PDF; view the document images

High Speed Document Image Capture Software (AutoScan and its derivatives) are simple to use batch oriented document capture software products used in applications capturing over 500 pages per day -- in many case tens of thousands of pages. High Speed Document Image Capture Software Solutions (Autoscan) are available with or without scanning hardware. AutoScan has all the essential features for processing images and electronic documents in virtually any scanning environment

Viewing and Image Management permits the viewing and management of images using standardized browsers

Check Scanning Solutions consist of hardware and software to scan and capture checks for NACHA ARC and Check 21 compliance.

 VisionShape is a Division of Peripheral Dynamics Inc.
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